About Me

Tito Solano

I consider myself as a polifacetic designer, everything started from my youngest years since I have liked drawing, creativity and arts since child. Then I started studying Industrial Design Engineering where I learned a lot of the about user centered design and the importance of good functionality and usability on every product, group working and interdisciplinary knowledge.

I am very passionate and I have learn a lot about different topics and technologies by myself and I am constantly learning and investigating new things, this have given me the chance to work on many different charges, from product designer to 3d and 2d animator, UX, UI, web design, branding and business development.

I have work with lots of entrepreneurs from different markets and for me is really important to take the time to understand the deeper characteristics of their business, market, and of course its users and its necessities in order to create the best possible solutions.

Design is in everything around us,
let´s make it great!

Location: San José, Costa Rica
Age: 29

Tito Solano Photography Portrait